Private Selection is a high value sneaker resell company inside of a boutique run by the same people of Please Come Home, also known as PCH-LA. Private Selection handles the resell market while Please Come Home handles the retail market, making it easier to identify what is resell and what is retail.

There’s a question revolving around resell and retail most customers don’t get right away, and that is, “What’s the difference?” Private Selection buys sneakers from brands that sell out almost immediately, and the market for most shoes are higher than their original price because of hype and/or rarity. Selling those shoes significantly higher than their normal release price is known as a resell. As for Please Come Home, we sell other brand names that we partner up with and help sell their products in our store, all for normal value.

With both Private Selection and Please Come Home working together, both compliment each other and do the things we couldn’t do before.


From day one, the store was an immediate success, attracting all eyes in the DFW. PCH-LA’s presence is growing exponentially to this day, having shoppers like musicians, youtubers, and even famous NFL players coming in to see what the fuss is about.